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Defense triggers

Defense Activators are products that stimulate the natural defenses of plants, against the attack of pathogens or diseases (fungi and bacteria).

These products do not show direct activity against pathogens, but they trigger biochemical modifications in plants as will be seen later in the natural activation of systemic acquired resistance (SAR).

The results obtained after the application is the accumulation of phenols and phytoalexins, natural compounds with low molecular weight that prevent the proliferation of pathogens in plants.



Products that activate the natural defenses of plants, against the attack of pathogens or diseases (fungi and bacteria). These products do not show direct activity against pathogens, but they trigger biochemical modifications in plants as will be seen later in the natural activation of systemic acquired resistance (SAR).


NUTRIAQUA in its normal formulation or EXI contains:
Nitric Nitrogen, Silicate, Sodium and other elements such as Boron, Magnesium, Sulfur and Potassium. NUTRIAQUA also contains Phosphorus P2O5, in an ideal n / p ratio to encourage the development of phytoplankton bloom, it also contains the same nutrients as NUTRIAQUA without phosphorus.

NUTRIAQUA provides oxygen and nitrates to improve the biochemical processes that occur in the mud, therefore it acts as a reducer of organic matter that is concentrated in the bottoms.

The use of NUTRIAQUA is a comprehensive solution that provides analysis and monitoring at each stage of the aquaculture production process.



Today, in crops there is a great loss in the harvest due to the bites of various types of flies that considerably damage and deteriorate the quality of the fruit. Among the types of flies, the best known and feared is the Ceratitis Capitata. AGROCHIMICA develops a range of specific products, in order to significantly reduce the percentage of chopped fruit, based on attracting these insects through biological attractants. We are also in continuous fight against the common or house fly, which is a great nuisance in our own homes, farms, food stores, etc. We develop 100% insecticide-free products.


The line of Biostimulants includes products that promote the metabolism of plants.

They consist of nutrients rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Amino acids, polysaccharides, peptides and / or humic acids that improve the yield, growth and quality of crops.

STYM / BIOENERGI are products for foliar and root application developed from the enzymatic hydrolysis of protein substances of plant origin, therefore they have the amino acids most used in the biosynthesis of plants in the most suitable proportions and suitable for this purpose.


Soil Corrector / Conditioner

The products of the AGROCHIMICA family of soil correctors improve the physicochemical characteristics, fertility and the absorption of nutrients in impoverished soils and favor their recovery and balance to increase the yield of crops and preserve the health of the substrate in which they grow. They increase the water retention capacity, the cation exchange (CEC), and the activity of the microflora, favoring the rooting of new crops. Products specially formulated for soils allow both the correction of problems that harm the development of crops; such as the improvement of the quality of the soil through a better use of the resources of the soil itself, as well as those contributions that are made on it.

The application of AGROCHIMICA products to the soil allows to maintain this resource in the long term, guaranteeing the sustainability of agricultural activity and avoiding the problem of soil depletion. They make it possible to correct problems caused by their composition (salinity, pH ...) and thus avoid problems such as clogging of emitters, precipitation of nutritional elements, etc.


Deficiency correctors

A deficiency corrector is a product that contains one or more microelements and that is used to prevent or cure any deficiency caused by the lack of that element or by its blocking. The products of the Deficiency Correctors line are products that prevent and correct deficiencies caused by deficiencies or imbalances in the absorption of certain mineral elements, thus increasing the productivity and yield of crops. It is specifically formulated to prevent and correct the main deficiency states, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Bo, Mo in all types of crops, quickly and durably throughout the cycle. The main symptoms presented by the deficiency of the microelements can be symptoms of chlorosis, necrosis, foliar deformations, color variations or abnormal growth.


Ecological - Bio

Ecological and biological agriculture continues to advance increasingly based on five main pillars:

  • The protection of the environment and the need to produce healthy food again without causing irreversible damage to ecosystems and human health.
  • Food sovereignty with farmers, because organic farming is possible on a small and medium scale, allowing a sustainable self-employment option in disadvantaged areas.
  • The preservation of native varieties of plants and natural landscapes
  • Organic farming promotes access to healthy food.
  • Innovation, research and technological development

At Agrochimica, our commitment is serious to guarantee our clients the best products, supply products and services for the protection and nutrition of crops, which are beneficial to the environment, improving production and quality and guaranteeing our commitment to the safety and responsibility of wildlife, the environment and humanity ...


Foliar Fertilizers

Foliar nutrition has proven to be an efficient way to cure nutritional deficiencies in plants and boost their development at specific physiological stages. In this method of plant fertilization the solution is sprayed directly on the leaves of the plants. Foliar nutrition with foliar fertilizers can provide the nutrients required for normal crop development in cases where the absorption of nutrients by the root system has been altered.

It is well known that certain stages of plant development are of the greatest importance in determining the final yield, foliar nutrition with totally water-soluble fertilizers significantly increases yields and improves their quality. Since the absorption of nutrients through the foliage is considerably faster than through the roots, foliar application is also the method of choice when correction of nutritional deficiencies is needed.



Chitosan is characterized by protecting crops against attacks by pathogens and pests, directly or indirectly, such as improving the quality of the crop, or maintaining the stability of production during storage after harvest.

Chitosan is an elicitor that activates the plant's self-defense capacity. Pathogens enter plants through three mechanisms: By their own means, through wounds, and through natural openings (including stomata).

Stomatal openings in plants provide an entry way for many pathogens, reducing these openings can provide an effective method to prevent attack by pathogens that have chitin as a component of their cell wall.

The products of the Agrochimic QUITOSANE line activate mechanisms in the plant that order the closure of stomata. The application of chitosan causes a false stress in the plant, since it confuses the presence of the product with the proximity of a pathogen ready to attack it. This recognition sets in motion a complex self-defense mechanism, partly based on the role that calcium plays as a second messenger.

The products of the Agrochimic QUITOSANE line allow the entry of Calcium into the cell, as an important element in the activation of defenses in the cultures. The calcium that penetrates the cells, favors the strengthening of the cell membranes, which allows the maintenance of the turgor and the firmness of the fruits in post-harvest.

In addition, the products of the Agrochimic QUITOSANE line also activate the formation of physical barriers, activate the formation of secondary roots and root hairs in the adult plant, activate the adsorption of micronutrients, etc ...

It should also be noted that the products of the Agrochimic QUITOSANE line are used for the coating of seeds, for their conservation during storage and in the release of fertilizer systems.



SILICON is an element that exists in the earth's crust with more than a quarter of the total weight and is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust after oxygen.
Silicon is never found in a free state, but in some minerals such as quartz, feldspar, amethyst, flint, mica, jasper stone, and opal. Therefore, it is part of the rocks, granite, clay, generally biological and mineral elements, which constitute the soil in which agricultural crops are grown.

Silicon is essential for many living beings developed in biological processes, structural functions, protection and control, among others. It is assimilable by living organisms, mainly in the form of organic silicon or mono silicic acid (H4SiO4).

The soil where the crops are found is constituted mainly in the form of minerals (polymer) a portion of the soil structure is rock and clay, however, silicon cannot be assimilated by plants in mineral form, which absorb only the Silicon in the form of silicic acid (Organic Silicon).


Seed treatment

In the vast majority of crops, their ultimate success is preceded by successful germination and high seed quality.

Agrochimic has developed products for this purpose for years, with the sole purpose of providing better characteristics in the seeds, thus obtaining high germination, and better seeds for the rooting process.

A healthy start sets the foundation for strong behavior as plants grow. Seed treatment provides protection during the critical germination and establishment stages of the crop when emerging seeds and seedlings do not have the ability to protect themselves against invading pests and pathogens. By serving as the first line of defense, seed treatments can improve seed germination, seedling emergence, crop establishment, and plant vigor. As a result of this early in season behavior, seed treatment treated plants have an advantage over untreated plants when it comes to yield, quality and profit potential.



Agrochimic develops a large number of diverse products due to their peculiarity or their specific application at different stages of the harvest.

Such products are included in our various product line. Not for this reason, the products included in the VARIOS family are irrelevant.

Within this line we have many products that enjoy great prestige and acceptance by our customers.

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